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Chemicals investment analysis China (CIA)

About POPS of
PolyOlefins Planning Service
POPS is a subscription program that provides reports on the polyethylene and polypropylene industry.
It is a multiple clients ordering procedures, can provide regular reports and analysis of global polyolefin business. Based on Chem1 online and process evaluation and research program on the basic analysis.

POPS provides detailed global analysis of the four major polyolefins markets 
The POPS program is a multi-client subscription program that provides, by way of regular reports, analysis of the global polyolefins business
■ POPS has been used by the global polyolefin majors for the past ten years
■ POPS builds on the core analysis of the PPE and PERP programs to provide unrivalled depth and breadth of analysis

The annual executive report provides the detailed analysis and forecasts of the polyolefins markets 

      The Annual Executive Report  provides

      ∙ Commercial aspects of LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE & Polypropylene 
      ∙ Demand, supply (capacity by technology and location), production, net trade and operating rate for
        each major country
      ∙ Regional and global summaries are provided
      ∙ Speculative capacity additions by country and region
      ∙ Detailed demand analysis by processing category including film, injection molding, low molding, pipe,fiber

      ∙ Demand for second generation technology ( single site metallocene and non metallocene) for all the

Quarterly Business Updates (QBU) provide analysis of key market developments
      ∙ Data reflecting Quarterly demand, trade and pricing for selected regions
      ∙ An updated table of new capacity additions
      ∙ A listing and assessment of important industry events such as mergers,acquisitions outages etc.
      ∙ Special topics of interest and strategic importance to the polyolefins industry   
        e.g. consolidation, restructuring, technology  shifts,feedstock issues etc.

      ∙ QBU is published in the month following the close of each quarter