Intelligence Contribution Future
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Mission • We have the best working environment and provide the highest salary. We  gather outstanding talents that love consulting industry to form our team, complete challenging work, and obtain pleasure and achievement from it.
• Enable each member in the team to be the experts of chemical industry. Obtain respect from society and have high-quality life with the family.
Standard • We admire outstanding talents with promise, punctuality, responsibility, open and honest manner, who are willing to help others and love the consulting industry.
• Imagination is more important than experience, and
learning capacity
is more important than skills.
• We hunt for talents with special knowledge and skill
s that we don’t have and the talents with stronger capability.
Trust • We place card-punching system on one side, as we believe each member can support upon the needs of projects.
• We waive off ranking system, and there is no fixed seat for work. Each member is the leader of the project he
, and would obtain full support from co-workers.
• To be straight-out, keen on communication, sharing and teamwork.

The result and contribution oriented criteria is to exceed clients’ expectations.
• Encourage each member to map out the challenging target, help them to catch up the target and provides the encouragement and celebration.
No matter how significantly a member contributed, he/she would be punished if his/her values and professional ethics don’t match the requirements, whereas the mistakes led by innovation would be encouraged.
Everyone becomes alumni when the project completes. We appreciate their contribution, and keep in contact.

Training Only focus on people’s strengths, utilize talented people and create the greatest contribution.
Establish tutorial system. Provide enough training upon personal strongpoint and development direction.
To train the leaders of petroleum and chemical industry as responsibility, though full-life employment cannot be guaranteed. enough skills for existent shall be guaranteed after the members’ leaving.