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Through in-depth understanding of the industry, we help client design effective marketing and logistics, business development, M&A, research/development/product strategy, and assist in the implementation, build competitive advantage.

CHEM1 professional specialties:
   Marketing and logistics strategies

   • Definition of market segments and target clients
   • Formulation of marketing access strategy based on the comparison of competitors
   • Resources combination, marketing and logistics system construction, objective achievement
  Business development and strategic investment
  • Fields of business development and specific entering strategy in the future
  • Find out the multi-valuable project opportunities in the industry, and study the investment value
  • Investment project evaluation and risk prevention
  R & D and product strategy
  • Comparing and analyzing the market and profit prospects of the products with different specifications
  • Selecting the schemes of products and production
  • Evaluating the technical resources and capabilities, suggesting the specific proposal of future  strategies
     (transformation,  introduction,    development and migration) and resource allocations in the future.

Function Expertise:
  Development Strategy                     
Strategic assessment on the important aspects of business environment for companies.
We focus on economic characteristics, competitive environment and profit prospect in the future.
We help clients to solve problems and provide strategic implementations ultimately, such as who the competitors are, where the competition fields are, what the advantages are, how to compete, etc

  Marketing Strategy
The medium and long-term marketing development strategy, marketing and logistics systems are established with our comprehensive understanding of the development trends in the international and domestic Petroleum and Chemical industry, according to the development strategies of clients, by defining the market segments and target client, comparing competitors, integrating resources. We ensure that the expected objective is achieved on time.

  Logistics Strategy                                              
The clients will obtain the most from our researches and analyses of the international and domestic policy development trends, as well as schemes of the supply chains for many international and domestic large-scale petroleum and chemical enterprises.

  Strategic Investment                                          
Grasp the industry growth cycle and current stage.
Find out the valuable project opportunities in the petroleum and chemical industry, and study the investment value.
Analyzing the allocated proportion of resources, fixing the investment objectives, designing the executable operation scheme in combination with the development strategy of enterprise.

  R & D and Product Strategy                               
Analyzing the industry news and trends based on numerous industry info, market data, and experts’ advices. We help you develop in the industry.
Comparing and analyzing the market and profit prospects of the products with different specifications, so that we could determine the schemes of products and production, and evaluate the corporate sources and capabilities.
Give specific suggestions on strategies (transformation, introduction, development and migration) and resource allocation in the future.

  Health Safety Environment (HSE) Strategy    
The HSE system of enterprise will be established and maintained with assistance of CSR (Report on Corporate Society Responsibilities) and on the basis of the standard systems such as QSA18000, ISO28000 and GRI-G3 etc.