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·All for the benefit of clients on the premise that does not destroy the benefits of society
and  public.
·Concerning the values we created for the clients only; operation profit  is only incidental to.
·Never sacrifice our excellent services because of the conflicts led by profit center.
·Never charge anything if no value created, no matter how much we endeavored to.
·Avoid serving client and its competitors simultaneously.
·Inform clients all elements which might influence consultants' decisions.
·To build great customer relationships takes time; never destroy our client relationships for
the purpose of profit maximization in short term only.


·Professional research: Strengthen the research ability in chemical industry consistently.
·Specialized: Be focused on chemical industry researches.
·Intensive research: Provide the best product and services only, accept tasks that we can
  achieve in high quality only.
·Independency: Research independently.
·Objectivity: Provide objective suggestions based on our researches only.
·Impartiality: Stick to our own research conclusion, never yield to any outside pressure.


·Observe the confidentiality agreement with our clients; guarantee not to leak any 
information of clients and not to make any profit out of it either.
·Observe the confidentiality agreement with our firm, guarantee never disclose any 
   information of our firm to third parties without permission.


·To be upright, credible and responsible.
·Never do anything to damage the fame and image of consulting industry, and try to 
maintain dignity, credibility and purity of consulting industry.
·Never give up straight-out spirit, No one knows everything


·Shall not directly or indirectly attempt to squeeze out, intervention or involvement of other 
  business consultants have been commissioned.
·Shall not directly or indirectly damage the reputation and future colleagues